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Our councillors do not have set responsibilities but volunteer as matters arising occur. If representation is required on external local public bodies, councillors volunteer depending on availability.

To contact a Parish Councillor, click on the envelope icon below their name; a contact form is displayed.

Type your name, your email address, the subject of your message and the message you wish to send to the councillor into the appropriate box on the form.

When you have finished, type the number displayed in the left hand box into the right hand box (to show you are not a robot) and click Send message.

Chairman | Christopher Daynes
Councillor | Anita Gotts
Anita Gotts Email: Send email using a form

Anita has lived in Widmerpool for over seven years and has been a Parish Councillor for three years.

She is married with one child and is a retired civil servant.
Councillor | Ray Belton
Ray Belton Email: Send email using a form

Ray is married to Sharon and has lived in Widmerpool since 1973. After 40 years as a Driving Instructor, he now enjoys match ploughing and is a member of a vintage tractor club.

He is interested in preserving the unique character of the village.
Councillor | Geoff Brooks
Councillor | Jenny Daynes
Councillor | Vacancy

A vacancy exists within the parish council. For details contact Mike Elliott, the Parish Clerk.
Clerk to the Council | Mike Elliott
Mike Elliott Tel: 0115 937 6506
Email: Send email using a form
Address: 19/21 Main Street, Keyworth, Nottingham NG12 5AA

Mike is the Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer. He is also clerk to a number of other local Parish Councils including Plumtree, Stanton, Wysall & Willoughby on the Wolds.

Mike holds an AQA Certificate in Local Council Administration.


Register of Members' Interests

Membership of Committees or Outside Bodies


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